8 Best Triumph Air Hockey Table in 2020 Reviews

Triumph Air Hockey Table

The Triumph air hockey table is a good option to get a high quality game table. You can select a medium or full size Triumph table as per your kids’ age and requirement to play air hockey game. The Triumph game tables are quite easy to assemble and operate for kids as well as adults.

Triumph Game Table is available as single game table and multi game table. The multi game table allows you to play air hockey and 2-3 other games on one table. In this article, we will help you to find the best Triumph air hockey table for your kids or yourself.

A Triumph Air Hockey Table comes with high quality construction and advanced features. The LED scorer, high powered air blower and sleek surface are included in each Triumph game table. We have shortlisted 8 best Triumph Air Hockey Tables which are mentioned below:

Triumph Air Hockey Table Comparison Chart

Triumph Air Hockey Table ImageTriumph Air Hockey Table Name

Table Dimensions

(L x W x H)

Table WeightPrice
Triumph Air Hockey TableTriumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54-Inch Air Hockey Table54 x 27 x 31 inches39.6 poundsCheck Price
best Triumph Air Hockey TableTriumph Lumen-X Lazer 6-Foot Interactive Air Hockey Table72 x 40 x 31 inches75 poundsCheck Price
triumph sports air hockey tableTriumph 72-Inch 4 in 1 Multi-Game Swivel Table72 x 32 x 32 inches157 poundsCheck Price
Triumph Air Hockey TableTriumph 48-Inch 4-in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table48 x 23.75 x 32 inches69 poundsCheck Price
Triumph 84-Inch 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table84 x 44.5 x 32 inches288 poundsCheck Price
Triumph 13-in-1 Combo Game Table48 x 24 x32 inches43 poundsCheck Price
Triumph Blue-Line 7-Foot Air-Powered Hockey Table84 x 42 x 32 inches123 poundsCheck Price
Triumph Lumen-XA 54-Inch Air Hockey Table54 x 27 x 32 inches36.7 poundsCheck Price

Triumph Air Hockey Table Review

Most Triumph Air Hockey Tables are made with medium to large size playing field. Generally, these game tables are designed for elder kids, teenagers and adults. Now, we will discuss about all Triumph Air Hockey Tables Reviews in detail. You should go through the detail review to know everything about Triumph air hockey table and find your desired table for your game room.

#1. Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54-Inch Air Hockey Table

Triumph Air Hockey Table

Key Features
  • Electronic and Manual Scorer Options
  • Two LED Pushers and One LED Puck
  • Play Air Hockey with Exciting Lights
  • Red and Blue Pushers for Team Play

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice is a 54-inch air hockey table with light up function. When you score a goal, you have a great level of excitement. This Triumph air hockey table will double your excitement with its attractive lights. All four corners of the table will light up whenever you make a goal in the air hockey game.

The Light Up function is the main highlight of this game table. You will enjoy it more when the game room lights are dim and the table corners light up. In addition, it provides one red LED pusher, one blue LED pusher and one red LED puck to make your air hockey game full of fun.

The air blower fan is under the table surface and it sends the airflow on entire play field. You need to connect the adapter to the power socket of your game room. As you turn on power, the airflow will spread across its surface and you will feel the smoothness while playing air hockey with your friends.

The Triumph Fire ‘n Ice has added double score options for you. It depends upon your choice which scoreboard you want to use. The electronic LED scorer contains motion sensor for tracking your goals and manual slider allows you to update your score time to time.

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54-Inch Air Hockey Table has some pros and cons as follows:

What we Loved
  • Light Up Function Provide More Fun In The Dark
  • 54-Inch Ideal Size for Youth and Teenage Players
  • LED Electronic Plus Manual Abacus Scoring System
  • Four Leg Cross Braces for Added Strength and Stability
  • Each Corner of Table Flashes Every Time A Goal is Scored
  • Air Blower Fan Under Table to Provide Even Airflow

What we didn't Like
  • Require Constant Power Supply for Airflow and Lights
  • Some Customers Complain About Weak Airflow

#2. Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6-Foot Interactive Air Hockey Table

best Triumph Air Hockey Table

Key Features
  • Electronic LED Scoring Board
  • Laser Light Illuminating Technology
  • Dual Motor Blowers for Airflow
  • LED Lighting and In-Game Music

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer is a light up air hockey table designed for elder kids. The company gives recommended age of 8 to 11 years for playing air hockey game on this table. However, most kids and adults like and enjoy playing as this table is packed with an illuminating technology.

With various lighting and sound effects, this Triumph air hockey table shines more in the dark. When you play air hockey in your game room, make sure the room lights are dim or off and most doors & windows are closed. Such dark environment will offer more excitement of game play to the kids.

The Triumph has added two ultra bright blue strikers and one light up puck with Lumen-X Lazer Game Table. When your kids play air hockey on this table, they don’t need to worry about the goal scores. The electronic scorer will track and display each player’s score on its LED screen.

The air power plays very important role in its performance. It is equipped with two air blower motors that provide consistent and even airflow over its surface. This Triumph Air Hockey Game Table is made of MDF and its surface is PVC laminated to make it smooth and provide better performance.

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6-Foot Interactive Air Hockey Table contains various pros and cons given as under:

What we Loved
  • New Light Up Technology Illuminate In the Dark
  • Dual Motor Air Blowers for Consistent Airflow on Play Surface
  • White and Blue Silkscreen Play Field Line for Attractive Look
  • 2.5-Inch Leg Levelers to Let You Adjust Table Height and Balance
  • Electronic Scorer for Auto Tracking of Goals During the Game
  • Two Ultra Bright Strikers and One Light Up Puck Included

What we didn't Like
  • Pretty Large Table, Not Suitable for Game Room with Tight Spaces
  • Customers Complain About Malfunctioning of ON/OFF Switch on table

#3. Triumph 72-Inch 4 in 1 Multi-Game Swivel Table

triumph sports air hockey table

Key Features
  • Include 2 Pusher, 2 Pucks and All Accessories
  • Four Amazing Games On One Table
  • Sturdy Thick Legs with Integrated Leg Levelers
  • Equipped with AC 110 Volt Air Blower Motor

Triumph Multi-Game is a rotating table with four classic games. You can play air hockey on this table or easily convert it to any other game. It allows you to play table tennis, billiards, air powered hockey and launch football games. You can choose your desired game and play as long as you want.

Multi Game Tables are good in quality, but sometimes they miss a few functions in one or more games. The Triumph Sports has taken care of each important detail such as air blower motor. It contains an AC 110 volt 60 Hz UL standard motor that sends even airflow across entire surface of the table.

The six feet size is perfect for any rec room or game room of your house. The Triumph Multi Game Swivel Table comes with two red color air hockey pushers and two red pucks. It requires a little assembly on arrival and then you can start playing air hockey with your kids and friends.

This table also includes all the accessories of billiards, table tennis and launch football. It has manual sliding scorer on both ends of the table. Each player can record their goal points individually while playing air hockey. The sturdy legs keep the table steady during an intense game play.

Triumph 72-Inch 4 in 1 Multi-Game Swivel Table comes with many pros and cons mentioned as follows:

What we Loved
  • 6 Foot Long Play Field Ideal for Most Kids and Adults
  • Manual Abacus Slide Scorer Work without Electricity
  • Beautiful Ice Hockey Design on White Bright Surface
  • Red Color Pushers and Pucks Are Easy to Find After Goal
  • Easy Flip Over to Instantly Change from One Game to Another
  • Powerful Air Blower Motor for Even Airflow and Better Puck Gliding

What we didn't Like
  • Electronic LED Scorer Not Given with This Table
  • Require Continuous Connection of Electric Power Supply

#4. Triumph 48-Inch 4-in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table

Triumph Air Hockey Table

Key Features
  • Central Air Distribution System
  • Provide Four Games On One Table
  • 48-Inch Length and 23.75-Inch Width
  • Side Brace Support Beams

Triumph Rotating Swivel Multigame Table comes with four exciting indoor games. It provides simple flip conversion from air hockey to table tennis, billiards and launch football. The table legs have full support of brace beams on both the ends and sides which make it strong and durable.

This Table comes in dimensions of 48 inches length, 23.75 inches width and 32 inches height. It can easily fit in a game room with limited space. If you cannot buy a 6 to 7 foot long Triumph air hockey table due to lack of space then this Triumph table is a perfect choice for you.

The airflow is provided with patented central air distribution system. Some multi game tables come without air power which makes the air hockey game play frustrating for the kids. This Triumph game table has a powerful air motor to send a consistent stream of air on its surface throughout the game.

You need to connect the motor adapter to your power outlet to turn ON the airflow on table. This multi game table includes all required accessories for all four games which will save your time and money. It requires a little assembly that will take only 10 minutes of your precious time and then it will be ready to play.

Triumph 48-Inch 4-in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table has a few pros and cons as given below:

What we Loved
  • Provide Air Hockey, Billiards, Mini Football and Table Tennis Games
  • Complete Multi Game Table with All Accessories of All Games
  • Enjoy Real Airflow on Surface with Patented Central Air Distribution
  • Both End and Side Brace Support Beams for Added Strength
  • 4 Foot Size Fit In Small Space Yet Offer Multiple Games to Play
  • Assembly Process is Quite Simple and Will Not Take Much Time

What we didn't Like
  • Nothing Mentioned About Air Hockey Scorer System
  • Some Customers Claim Air Blower Motor Not Enough Powerful

#5. Triumph 84-Inch 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table

Key Features
  • Glossy PVC Laminated Play Field
  • AC 110 Volt Air Blower Fan Motor
  • Full Set of Air Hockey, Billiards, Table Tennis
  • Come with Two Pushers and Two Pucks

Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel is a versatile table with multiple game options. It is a high quality wood built table and surface is laminated with PVC. In terms of build quality, sturdiness and smoothness on playing field, you will definitely enjoy using this Triumph air hockey table in your game room.

This multi game table comes with patented central air distribution system. Under the table surface, it contains a powerful 110 volt AC motor that blows air for better game play. It is engineered to deliver consistent airflow to help the pucks move better while you are hitting shots to make goals.

The Triumph 3-in-1 Table provides air powered hockey, billiards and table tennis together on one table. You can easily convert it from one game to another as per your mood to play the game. The multi game function allows you to play different games in the morning, afternoon and evening of the holiday.

It contains manual slider scorer to record goal points during air hockey game. The PVC lamination makes and keeps the play field glossy and smooth. As a result, the puck moves faster and you can play your each air hockey game with great intensity to score maximum goals and win the game.

Triumph 84-Inch 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table has several pros and cons as mentioned below:

Pros & Cons

What we Loved
  • Playing Surface is PVC Laminated for Smooth Game Play
  • Green Nylon Blend for Solid and Consistent Roll
  • Heavy Motor Airflow for Fast and Continuous Play
  • Heavy Duty Motor for Powerful, Even Airflow on Play Field
  • Easy to Use Manual Sliding Scorer System On Both Ends
  • 7 Foot Length Perfect for Adults and Pro Air Hockey Players

What we didn't Like
  • Does Not Have Electronic LED Scorer with Motion Sensor
  • Customers Complain Table Surface Get Quickly Affected by Weather

#6. Triumph 13-in-1 Combo Game Table

Key Features
  • 13 Games On One Compact Game Table
  • Built-in Storage and Storage Bag Included
  • Include Accessories for All 13 Games
  • Lightweight and Compact Design

Triumph 13-in-1 is the best air hockey table for the money. It is available at a quite affordable price still it offers 13 different games on one table. You can choose to play air hockey, basketball, baseball, tic-tac-toe, billiards, table tennis, skee bean bag toss, chess, checkers, backgammon, archery and many more games.

The table length is 48-inch which fits easily in any game room or living room. It takes up so little space and still allows you to play multiple games at your home. It has given built in storage for small game boards, you should keep those additional boards in storage when you are playing your favorite game.

The Triumph Combo Game Table comes with two red strikers and two red pucks. In addition, the Triumph has provided all the accessories required to play all 13 games. So you can start playing any of the 13 games after a simple assembly process you need to do when it arrives your home.

The storage bag is also included with this air hockey table. You can keep all the accessories into storage bag and focus on playing one game with your friends. The storage bag keeps your accessories safe. It has manual abacus slider in which you can note down your goal score time to time.

Triumph 13-in-1 Combo Game Table comes with many pros and cons mentioned as follows:

What we Loved
  • Most Versatile Table with 13 Different Games
  • Compact Size Table Easily Fit Your Game Room or Rec Room
  • Change One Game to Another in Minutes
  • Built-in Storage Rack System for Game Boards Not in Use
  • Easy to Use Sliding Scorer for Recording Players’ Goal Points
  • Sturdy Table Legs for Added Stability and Durability

What we didn't Like
  • Nothing Clearly Mentioned About the Blower Motor for Air Hockey
  • Customers Complain that Board Breaks While Drilling in Screws

#7. Triumph Blue-Line 7-Foot Air-Powered Hockey Table

Key Features
  • Equipped with 110 Volt Air Powered Motor
  • Built-in Inlay LED Scoring System
  • Angled Legs with Full Leg Panels
  • 32-Inch Table Height Ideal for Everyone

Triumph Blue-Line is a full size game table designed for most adults and pro players. You need a large game room to install this Triumph air hockey table in your home. This table has 84-inch length, 42-inch width and 32-inch height, so it will be a great fun to play air hockey on such a large table.

This game table comes with very sturdy legs in angled shape. Moreover, both pairs of table legs are attached with panel support. The full panel supports keep the table steady when you are playing a hardcore air hockey game with your friends with great intensity on each shot.

This Triumph air hockey table contains an inlay electronic scoring system with clock timer. It also has a motion sensor to detect each and every goal scored either by you or your opponent. Whenever you want to know your score points, just take a look on its electronic LED scorer display.

The 5-inch leg levelers let you adjust table height and get even surface everywhere. When the floor is uneven, you should use the leg levelers. For a powerful airflow on play field, this table has one AC 110 volt air blower motor which requires electric power supply to run the airflow for air hockey game.

Triumph Blue-Line 7-Foot Air-Powered Hockey Table contains various pros and cons given as under:

What we Loved
  • Inlay LED Scorer on Top of Rail for Easy Viewing by Players
  • Compatible with Conversion Top for Table Tennis Game
  • Full Panel Support Legs Offer Stability During Intense Game Play
  • 110 Volt Air Blower Motor for Fast Action Puck Gliding on Surface
  • 5-Inch Leg Levelers Allow Easy Balancing of Surface for Perfect Game
  • Laminated Surface and Consistent Airflow Provide Fast Paced Action

What we didn't Like
  • Customers Complain that Scoring System Malfunction Sometimes
  • Assembly Require More Persons As Table is Too Heavy to Lift

#8. Triumph Lumen-XA 54-Inch Air Hockey Table

Key Features
  • 54-Inch Length and 27-Inch Width
  • LED Light Up Corners with White Lights
  • Include 2 Hockey Pushers and 2 Pucks
  • Electronic LED Scorer System

Triumph Lumen-XA is a light up game table in compact size. The table lights increase the excitement of kids for playing air hockey with more intensity. It has bright lights on each corner of the table. The corner lights flash automatically whenever one of the players scores a goal.

The Triumph air hockey table is 4.5 foot game table for kids and adults. It is made from the high quality MDF and wood materials to offer maximum strength for day-to-day use. The heavy construction makes it strong enough to withstand all weather conditions and rough use by the kids while playing.

This Triumph table has a heavy duty air blower motor. This motor provides real airflow on the table surface. Its consistent and even airflow makes the play field smooth for the puck to glide better and allow you to play each shot with great precision. The motor runs on AC power of your home electricity.

It has an electronic scorer system on a side of the table. Both the players can check their goal scores by seeing the LED display of scorer. This Triumph game table comes with all accessories including two pushers, two pucks, one power adapter and instruction manual for assembly of the table.

Triumph Lumen-XA 54-Inch Air Hockey Table has several pros and cons as mentioned below:

What we Loved
  • Medium Size Air Hockey Game Suitable for All Ages
  • Table Lights Stay ON for Exciting Game Play
  • Corners Flash Lights When A Goal is Scored
  • Electronic LED Scoring for Auto Tracking of Scores
  • Real Air Power for A Smooth and Fast Paced Play
  • Four Sturdy Legs with Supports for Added Stability

What we didn't Like
  • LED Scorer Require Batteries, Not Included
  • Table Need Continuous Power Connection

Do Triumph Air Hockey Tables Have Leg Levelers?

The leg levelers are very useful to level table surface when the floor surface is uneven. Most Triumph air hockey tables come with sturdy legs and integrated leg levelers. The strong legs keep the table steady throughout the game and leg levelers provide even surface when the floor below table is uneven.

What is Dual Blower Motor in Triumph Air Hockey Table?

An air hockey table has a motor which is hidden below the playing surface. This motor works as an air blower and sends air through the tiny holes on surface. It spreads a stream of air across whole play field for a smooth play and better puck gliding. One of Triumph air hockey tables has dual motor, let’s see how it works on table surface and affects your air hockey game play.

The Triumph Lumen-X Lazer Interactive Air Hockey Table has two air blower motors. It means it has dual motor for a more powerful airflow on its play field. It is beneficial for you while playing air hockey on Triumph Lumen-X Lazer air hockey table. The dual motor sends heavy airflow and makes the play surface extremely smooth.

Triumph Sports is an american company that organizes various sports camps for kids. It also makes a variety of sports equipment and tools for all age groups. You can also approach Triumph Sports to organize sports birthday parties and parent night out like events.

The Triumph Sports has been manufacturing sports table sets for indoor and outdoor games. The Triumph Air Hockey Table is designed for kids who want an indoor game activity to play with. This gaming table keeps your kids away from getting bored and allow them to enjoy playing air hockey for hours.


All the Triumph Air Hockey Table Reviews mentioned above are authentic and true as per our research. Each Triumph table has some best features and a few drawbacks. You should choose the best Triumph air hockey table based upon your needs. For further queries regarding Triumph game table, you need to visit Official Amazon Website at Www.Amazon.Com.


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