How to Clean An Air Hockey Table in Easy Way

How to Clean An Air Hockey Table

An air hockey table is a sports table designed for playing air hockey game at home. As every equipment in your house, the air hockey table also requires some maintenance and cleaning. You should learn how to clean an air hockey table to clean it very easily and effortlessly.

The small air hockey tables are designed for kids, while big ones for the adults. Everybody loves to play air hockey in their free time. But you also need to clean your best air hockey table to keep it work well and provide great air flow and smoothest playing surface.

Before you think about any detergent or chemical, you should know the cleaning process. You should not use any such chemical that is harmful for the surface of the air hockey table. So, it is important to know what’s good for it and what’s not before you start the cleaning of your air hockey table.

Why Should You Clean Your Air Hockey Table?

The air hockey table has a surface with tiny holes for air flow. The air blower fan keeps sending the stream of air through these holes. After several months, these air holes may get some gunk, dirt, debris and grime around them. The heavy amount of debris in holes may block the air flow and make the surface less smooth than earlier.

You need to clean your air hockey table to get its performance like earlier. When you bought it as brand new, the playing surface was quite slick and smooth. Such surface allows the puck to glide quickly and provide faster goals than ever. The surface becomes a bit dull after some months and you have to clean it properly to make it smooth and glossy again.

When the surface and holes are not clean, you cannot play the air hockey game properly. It makes a lot of difference in your play performance and your score. Moreover, air flow is also inconsistent due to some partially or fully blocked air holes on its surface. Now you know why you need to clean your air hockey table time to time.

How to Easily Clean Your Air Hockey Table: A Quick Cleaning Guide

First of all, let me clarify that cleaning an air hockey table does not take much time. You just need to have some free time to follow this step by step guide. Here we provide the 5 simple steps to clean your air hockey table as follows:

**Before we start the cleaning process, you need to turn ON the Air Blower Fan of your air hockey table. Kindly keep the air blower ON throughout the cleaning process. It will prevent the dust, debris and other stuff getting stuck in the air holes and blocking the air flow.

Step 1 – Vacuum the Air Hockey Table

Vacuuming is the best way to extract all the dirt and cobwebs from the air hockey table. You may find the dust and other stuff on surface and near the holes. You should turn ON the vacuum cleaner and get the hose near the playing surface.

You must not touch the surface like you vacuum your sofa. Just keep a light touch and a little distance while cleaning air hockey table with vacuum. Give some quality time on air holes to make them completely clean and free from all kinds of dirt, webs and debris.

Step 2 – Scrub the Table

This step works great in cleaning after the vacuum cleaning is finished. All the dust, cobwebs and dirt are gone, now you need to scrub the table. You should take a clean microfiber cloth for scrubbing purpose. If you don’t have microfiber cloth then you can also use a soft cotton cloth.

It is strictly advised not to drop or pour any chemical or liquid on the table surface. If you want a better cleaning, just pour a few drops on the cloth and make sure they are soaked by cloth before you start wiping on the surface of your air hockey table.

You can use an ammonia free cleaner or a cleanser for cleaning the table with a damp cloth. After the surface is cleaned, you can move further towards the internal area of rails to finish this step.

Step 3 – Clean the Holes

The air holes of air hockey tables require proper cleaning. Only then they can let the air flow pass through across all over surface. You have already vacuumed the holes in step 1, now you need to clean a bit more deeply with pipe cleaners or toothpicks or cotton swabs.

When you clean the air holes, you need to be very careful, because the air blower is ON. Make sure that you are lifting the dirt up and not dropping it down into the air blower fan. It’s okay if this task takes some time as it is more important to clean the holes and get perfect air flow on the playing surface. On completion, you should check that all the air holes are clean and none of the holes are clogged or blocked.

Step 4 – Polish the Table

When your air hockey table is brand new, there is no need to polish it after cleaning. However, it gets some wear and tear as the time passes by. It is good to polish the surface with a tabletop polish which is specifically designed for the air hockey table.

You must not use any unknown and harmful polish on your air hockey table. It may damage your table on permanent basis which will make it unusable. When you polish the table, you should apply a thin coating over the playing surface to get perfect results and make it smoother like earlier.

A furniture wax can be used for polishing only if you have a wooden air hockey table. You can polish the table surface, sides, edges and legs with the wax on your wooden table. Apply a little amount of wax and let it dry, then wipe the table surface with a microfiber or a soft cotton cloth. It will give a shining and glossy finish to your air hockey table surface.

**After polishing your air hockey table, you should turn OFF the Air Blower Fan. Because the table cleaning is over and the blower does need to remain ON anymore. The final step is still to come, but it is for the pucks and mallets. Let us move towards the final step of cleaning the air hockey table.

Step 5 – Sand or Polish the Pucks and Mallets

You need to use the pucks and mallets (strikers) throughout the air hockey game play. From the first shot to the winning goal, you hit the puck with your mallet and thus they also have some wear and tear. You should also take care of the pucks and mallets to make them smoother like new ones.

In order to get rid of the rashes, scratches and stroke effects, you need to sand the pucks and mallets. Just use an ultra fine sanding paper to sand your pucks and mallets (strikers) thoroughly. Within a few minutes, your mallets and pucks will be shining like new and become smooth for the next air hockey game.

In this way, you can clean your air hockey table, pucks, mallets as well as make them smooth and shining like earlier.



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