5 Best Hathaway Air Hockey Tables in 2020

Best Hathaway Air Hockey Tables

Hathaway is a well known sports brand that makes various game tables. If you are looking for the Best Hathaway Air Hockey Table then you have reached the right place. Here we will show you some amazing air hockey game tables made by Hathaway. Our collection will help you to find a suitable air hockey table for you and fulfill your needs.

The Hathaway company produces various table sets for air hockey, table tennis, foosball, pool, poker and many other sports games. You should see different Hathaway Tables to find your desired and best air hockey table for home.

Air Hockey is an interesting game to play at parties, functions, holidays and in free time. We have worked hard to find some best Hathaway Air Hockey Tables for Durable Use.

Best Hathaway Air Hockey Table Comparison Chart

Hathaway Air Hockey Table ImageProduct Name
Goal Scorer TypeAir Blower Fan Volt or Power


Best Hathaway Air Hockey TableHathaway Face-Off 5-Foot Air Hockey TableElectronic LED Scorer System5 Blade, AC 110 Volt Axial FanCheck Price
Best Hathaway Air Hockey TableHathaway Enforcer 5.5-Foot Air Hockey TableElectronic Scorer and Manual Scorer5 Blade, AC 110 Volt Axial FanCheck Price
hathaway air hockey tableHathaway Hat Trick 4-Foot Air Hockey TableElectronic Scorer and Manual ScorerPowerful 110 Volt Air Blower FanCheck Price
Hathaway Air Hockey TableHathaway Power Play 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey TableManual Abacus Sliding ScorerPowerful 110 Volt Air Blower FanCheck Price
hathaway air hockey tableHathaway Phantom 7.5-Foot Air Hockey TableElectronic LED Scorer SystemDual High-Output Blower MotorsCheck Price

Best Hathaway Air Hockey Table Review

Air Hockey Game creates a challenge and energy inside the players. As the game starts, each player wants to make maximum goal points, that makes them enthusiastic. You should have a Hathaway Air Hockey Table to play air hockey with best efforts and dedication. Here we provide all Hathaway Air Hockey Tables Reviews in detail as under:

#1. Hathaway Face-Off 5-Foot – (Best Air Hockey Table)

Best Hathaway Air Hockey Table

Key Features
  • 5 Blade, AC 110 Volt Axial Fan
  • 1500 Little Holes on Play Field
  • Wood Construction with Leg Braces
  • 3-Inch Strikers and 2.5-Inch Pucks

Hathaway Face-Off is a medium size air hockey table for kids and adults. Every game on this table is thrilling, thanks to its 5 blade, 110 volt axial fan. This air blower fan is powerful enough to send the steady stream of airflow across whole playing surface to provide a smoother game play.

The surface of the table has 1500 tiny whole to let the airflow pass through them. The package includes play board, legs with braces, two 3-inch strikers and two 2.5-inch pucks. The Hathaway also provides instruction manual to allow you to do easy assembly when it arrives first time.

The Hathaway Face-Off Table is made from heavy duty wood. It also contains sturdy legs with braces to provide maximum strength and stability while you are playing an air hockey game. The integrated leg levelers allow you to adjust table height from each corner/side to make the surface even.

It has electronic LED scorer with motion sensor. This scorer system automatically tracks your each goal point and records it immediately. From the beginning to the end of the game, you can check your score at anytime on display of the electronic scorer system.

Hathaway Face-Off 5-Foot Air Hockey Table contains various pros and cons given as under:

What we Loved
  • Offer Fast Paced Fun for All Age Groups
  • 5 Blade Axial Fan Send Steady Stream of Airflow
  • Made of Tough Wood and Study Leg Braces for Durability
  • Integrated Leg Levelers for Always Even Play Field
  • Electronic LED Scorer Tracks Your Score All the Time
  • Full Leg Braces to Keep Table Steady throughout the Game Play

What we didn't Like
  • Require Continuous Power Supply to Run the Airflow
  • LED Scorer Require 2 AAA Batteries, Not Included

#2. Hathaway Enforcer 5.5-Foot Air Hockey Table


hathaway air hockey table

Key Features
  • Include 2 Red Strikers and 2 Red Pucks
  • Powered by AC 110 Volt Air Blower Axial Fan
  • 66-Inch Length and 32-Inch Width
  • 5 Blade Axial Fan Air Blower Motor

Hathaway Enforcer is an ice hockey themed air hockey table with 5.5-inch length. It comes with white play field with dark blue and light blue designs. This table provides two strikers and two pucks of red color that look great and easy to find during the air hockey game play.

This game table is air powered with a 5 blade, 110 volt axial fan. The fan sends the even airflow from bottom through 1500 holes situated on play field to provide fast paced play and better puck movement. With such premium airflow, you will enjoy a smooth game play and maximum enjoyment.

The Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table has reinforced legs and extra thick cabinet. The table is constructed from premium quality engineered wood to remain steady against rough and tumble fun. No matter how the kids are playing, you will never hear a complain about quality deficit of this table.

The table cabinet is coated with melamine to protect against scratches and scrapes. It has independent leg levelers which let you set the table height to make the play surface balanced even if the floor below the table is uneven. It provide two score options with manual slider and electronic LED scorer system.

Hathaway Enforcer 5.5-Foot Air Hockey Table comes with many pros and cons mentioned as follows:

Pros & Cons

What we Loved
  • Bright, Ice Hockey Themed Graphics for Perfect Look
  • Extra Thick Cabinet Withstand Rough Playing Conditions
  • No Twisting or Shaking with this High Quality Table
  • Reinforced Legs to Keep Table Steady During An Intense Game
  • Integrated Leg Levelers to Adjust Table When Uneven Floor
  • Consistent Airflow Make Easy Puck Flying and Gliding on Field

What we didn't Like
  • Electronic LED Scorer Require Batteries, Not Included
  • Manual Scoreboard Don’t Stay Attached for Long Time

#3. Hathaway Hat Trick 4-Foot Air Hockey Table

hathaway face off air hockey

Key Features
  • Stylish Table with Fast Paced Action
  • 4 Foot Size Perfect for All Age Kids
  • Dual Score Keeper Options
  • Slick and Poly Sealed Surface

Hathaway Hat Trick is a professional like air hockey table for kids. The 4 feet long surface is enough for both the younger and elder kids. Some adults will also enjoy playing air hockey on this table. It has dazzling hockey themed graphics in white plus violet and purple colors.

Some kids like electronic scorer, while some prefer manual score keeper. This Hathaway Game Table provides both. You can use manual sliding scorer to record your game score or use the electronic one for auto score tracking. It also allows you to use both scorers in one single air hockey game.

The Hathaway Hat Trick Air Hockey Table is an air powered table. It contains an AC 110 volt air blower fan which is powerful enough to affect the entire surface. It spreads an even airflow stream across the play field to offer smooth puck gliding and fast paced action in each air hockey match.

In order to run the air blower fan, you need to connect the power adapter to electricity socket. You also require two AAA batteries to power up the LED score keeper. When the scorer and fan are turned ON, you can start the air hockey match and enjoy making maximum goal points to win it.

Hathaway Hat Trick 4-Foot Air Hockey Table has several pros and cons as mentioned below:

What we Loved
  • Pucks are Weighted for Professional Performance On Play Field
  • Dazzling Hockey Themed Graphics for Stadium Like Feeling
  • Full Panel Leg Supports to Offer Great Stability During Game Play
  • 180 Day Manufacturer Warranty Against Fault in Craftsmanship
  • 110 Volt Powerful Fan and 1100 Small Holes on Playing Surface
  • Provide Both Electronic LED Scorer and Manual Sliding Scorer
What we didn't Like
  • 4 Foot Size May Feel Small to Serious Adult Players
  • Some Dead Spots on Play Field May Affect Puck Returns

#4. Hathaway Power Play 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Table

Hathaway Air Hockey Table

Key Features
  • Portable Air Hockey Table for Kids
  • 110 Volt Air Blower Fan Motor
  • Two Strikers and Two Pucks Included
  • Sizzling Action Packed Graphics

Hathaway Power Play is a tabletop air hockey game for younger kids. The tabletop design and lightweight form make it quite easy to carry anywhere you go. You can place this game table on any table top and let your little children enjoy playing air hockey for hours without interruption.

It seems compact in size and it has 40-inch length. But don’t consider it as a weak table. This Hathaway Air Hockey Table is equipped with a powerful and high velocity 110 volt fan. When you turn ON the fan, it start flowing a steady stream of sir over the surface to make it smooth for better game play.

The Hathaway Power Play Table comes with sizzling, action packed graphics. These graphics will grab attention of your kids from other activities to the air hockey. It provides sliding scorer system that allows you to note your goals with each new goal you score in the air hockey game with your friend.

This air hockey table is made from high quality wood for long lasting use. It includes two 3-inch strikers and two 2.5-inch pucks. The table has small legs with non marking rubber pads at bottom. These pads keep your all surfaces safe from scratches when the game table is placed on it.

Hathaway Power Play 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Table has some pros and cons as follows:

What we Loved
  • Classic Color and Graphics to Attract Kids for Playing
  • Simple and No Hassle Assembly for Quick Start Game
  • Non Marking Pads to Minimize Scratches on Table Surface
  • High Quality, Engineered Wood Construction for Durability
  • High Velocity Blower for Fast Paced and Accurate Game Play
  • Compact Table Ideal for Growing Kids Air Hockey Game

What we didn't Like
  • Electronic LED Scorer with Motion Sensor is Not Provided
  • Electric Wiring for Fan Under the Table is Not Safe

#5. Hathaway Phantom 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Table

hathaway air hockey table

Key Features
  • Full Sized 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Table
  • Electronic LED Scorer System
  • Two Powerful Air Blower Fans
  • Two 3.75-Inch Strikers and Two 3-Inch Pucks

Hathaway Phantom is a full size air hockey table in our collection. It comes with 7.5-feet long surface to let you enjoy air hockey at its best. Most pro hockey players prefer to play air hockey on a large or full size table. This Hathaway Game Table meets your need play air hockey like a pro at your home.

The company has added two powerful air blower fans under the play board. As the playing field is too long, one blower may not be enough, so it is packed with two. These two air blowers provide great amount of airflow for fast and even puck action.

The Hathaway Phantom Air Hockey Table has 3500 tiny holes on play field. The blowers push consistent airflow through 1/2-inch air plenum that is baffled to control the flow. Even if it is a large size table, the corners are rounded to keep you and your kids safe from any injury caused by sharp edges.

The Electronic LED Scorer is given at middle of the air hockey table set. The scorer has motion sensor to track and display your correct score throughout the game play. This air hockey table has a classic, retro style plus its arched base is coated with a beautiful melamine finish.

Hathaway Phantom 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Table has a few pros and cons as given below:

What we Loved
  • Electronic LED Scorer System with Motion Sensor
  • 1/2-Inch Air Plenum Baffled to Control the Airflow
  • Two Air Blowers for Consistent Stream of Air on Whole Play Field
  • Glossy, Retro Style Design will Attract Kids and Adults
  • Coated Arched Base with A Beautiful Melamine Finish
  • Automatic Puck Return System Keep the Puck Flying
What we didn't Like
  • Manual Sliding Scorer is Not Provided
  • Very Large Size Game Table, Not Suitable for Younger Kids

Are Hathaway Air Hockey Tables Reliable to Buy?

Hathaway has been making air hockey tables for many years. It is a very popular brand for a variety of sports equipment. Lots of people are already using Hathaway Sports Tools in their homes and commercial game rooms. Thus, Hathaway is definitely a reliable brand for you to buy an air hockey table and use the same at your home for years.

Is Hathaway Air Hockey Table Suitable for Little Kids?

The Hathaway Air Hockey Table is available in various size options. The full size and large tables are suitable for adults, while medium size tables are suitable to elder kids and teenager. Moreover, it also makes small air hockey tables for kids.

In our collection, the Hathaway Power Play and Hathaway Hat Trick Air Hockey Tables are designed for younger and elder kids respectively. You should select one of those game tables to fulfill your requirement of the best kids air hockey table in your game room.


All the information given above about top 5 best Hathaway air hockey table review is true and fair. The Hathaway company makes high quality game tables in various designs and sizes. Each table is best in its own way, you should check all necessary details before buying it. If you have more queries regarding Hathaway Air Hockey Tables then you need to go to Official Amazon Website at Www.Amazon.Com.


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