Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table – 7ft Air Hockey Table Review

Brunswick air hockey table

Brunswick air hockey table – 7ft Wind Chill Air Hockey Table Review: Brunswick Wind Chill is a stylish and sturdy air hockey table. It comes with 7 foot long playing field that allows you to play a challenging battle. This game table requires a large space in your game room, but it also provides unlimited entertainment to the kids, youngsters and adults.

The Brunswick has added full panel leg supports to provide maximum stability. The whole surface is white and the pushers, pucks are black, so you can easily find puck while playing air hockey game. The combination of quality and design makes it the best air hockey table for your home.

The score tracking is quite simple, you can record your goals easily on the abacus slide scorer given on both sides of the table. The base of the table is supported by sturdy pedestal base that keeps it in level.

Brief Overview: Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table

The Brunswick Wind Chill is a wonderful air hockey table with a variety of features. It is important to know about the special features and other details about the product before you buy it. Here we provide a brief overview of Brunswick 7 Foot Wind Chill Air Hockey Table as follows:

Brunswick air hockey table

Key Features
  • Sleek and Contemporary Style
  • Manual Abacus Scorer on Both Sides
  • Sturdy Pedestal Base
  • Seven Feet Long Table
  • Constant UL Blower Air Flow
  • Include Two Mallets and Four Pucks

Brunswick Wind Chill is a full size air hockey table for youngsters and adults. It looks simple in appearance but the table is made of heavy duty materials. The company has used highly durable MDF construction to make the Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table for long lasting use.

This table comes with all accessories i.e. 2 mallets and 4 pucks. It does not come in ready to use condition when you receive it. So you need to assemble it a little before you begin your first air hockey game on the Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table in your game room or rec room.

The base of this air hockey table has pedestal. The pedestal base is very sturdy and it keeps the table balanced throughout the air hockey game. No matter how intense battle you are playing on the table, it will maintain its stability and provide a perfect arcade gaming experience.

What we Loved
  • High Glossy Finish on Playing Surface
  • Modern Design and Simple Look
  • Style for An Aesthetic Appeal
  • Dual Abacus Scorer System
  • Complete Kit with All Required Accessories
  • Powerful UL Approved Air Blower Motor

What we didn't Like
  • Quite Expensive, Not A Budget Friendly Table
  • Leg Levelers Don’t Exist in This Table
  • Table Cost is High Still Offer Manual Slide Scorer
  • Manufacturer Offer Only 90 Day Warranty

How Brunswick is better among all air hockey tables

We have seen a plenty of air hockey tables from various brands available in market. After checking hundreds of air hockey tables, we realized that some brands focus more on the product quality. Brunswick is one of those brands that provide great quality and durability in its air hockey tables.

The Wind Chill Air Hockey Table from Brunswick has a modern look and beautiful design. However, some people like the table which have bright colors with lighting and sound effects. The lights can make the air hockey table attractive, but not sturdy or more stable during the game.

If you are also fond of attractive lights on air hockey table then this table is not made for you. Then you can find some fancy air hockey table and spend hundreds of dollars for its looks and design only. In that case, you may have to compromise the quality of the product.

On the other hand, if you prefer high quality gaming table for your home the Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table is definitely made for you. Remember, you will never regret about the stability and durability of this Brunswick air hockey table.

Detail Review: Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table Review

The Brunswick Wind Chill Table has many best things and a few drawbacks. In order to know each feature in detail, you need to go through the Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table Review mentioned below:

Construction and Build Quality:

The build quality is the main highlight of Brunswick Air Hockey Tables. The Wind Chill model is constructed with heavy duty MDF and it is also laminated on surface and all over. The laminated finish makes the table good in looks and harmless to tough at any corner, edge or side.

Design and Color:

The Brunswick has made the Wind Chill Air Hockey Table in a classic look of black & white colors. The combination makes the table supper classic and beautiful for your game room. When you add this table to your home, it will compliment the home decor.

In terms of design, this table is really pretty. However, the table walls seem a bit low for a classic 7 foot air hockey table. If you hit a strong shot then it may happen that the puck will fly off the table sometime. But, overall design and color of the table are great.

Size and Dimensions:

The Brunswick has made this Wind Chill Table with 7 feet length. The overall dimensions of this air hockey table are 83.75-inch x 41.75-inch x 30-inch. So you should have equal space in your game room to install this air hockey table.


The Wind Chill Air Hockey Table by Brunswick includes 2 mallets and 4 pucks. The mallets are also known as strikers, pushers and paddles. So you don’t need to buy the accessories or spend any extra penny for that.

Air Blower:

This air hockey table comes with 120 volt powerful UL approved air blower motor. The blower sends even airflow across entire playing surface of Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table during the game play. It helps for fast paced play and quick gliding of pucks in the air hockey game.

Scorer System:

This table has manual abacus slide scoring system. So the individual player has to update the scoreboard every time s/he makes a goal. The scorer is given on both sides for two players with 1 to 10 score numbers.

Playing Surface:

The playing surface of Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table is extremely smooth. The surface is thick, tough and laminated with high gloss. Moreover, the airflow is also steady and consistent to improve player’s performance. You will enjoy each and every air hockey game on this table.

Price Details:

The price is important as you may have set a budget for your air hockey table. The Brunswick Wind Chill Table is available at a reasonable price. If we talk about its build quality then the price is really reasonable. If you don’t want to waste your money on cheap tables then you should go for this Brunswick air hockey table for your home.

Warranty Info:

The Brunswick company provides up to 90 days warranty on Wind Chill Air Hockey Table. Like you, we also got surprised about the warranty period. However, the warranty is provided against any manufacturing defects found in craftsmanship or workmanship of the table.

If there is any defect in this table, you will know it within 90 days otherwise there is nothing to worry. The Brunswick Air Hockey Tables are made to last for years with no faults or repairs, just a little cleaning and maintenance which is necessary.

Final Verdict: Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table – Is It Worth Buying?

Here we will reflect a summary of our whole discussion as follows:

  • The Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table has a bit high price tag, but it offers superior quality and durability.
  • It does not have an electronic scorer system, but you can play air hockey with its manual abacus slide scorer.
  • It does not have colorful lighting and sound effects, but it provides a smooth surface and consistent airflow throughout the air hockey game.
  • It offers only 90 day warranty, but it lasts for years without any problem.

At the end, the answer to your question about Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table is yes. This table is worth buying if you have enough space for it. You can buy it online and play air hockey with your family, friends, colleagues and relatives to enjoy your life at the fullest.


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