Top 5 Best Air Hockey Tables for kids Reviews

Best Air Hockey Tables for kids

Air Hockey Table is an equipment to engage your kids in a challenging game. In order to give some interesting activity to your children, you should have the best kids air hockey table in your home. All children like to get involved in table tennis, billiards, foosball, air hockey and other sports activities.

The air hockey games for kids are available either in tabletop design or standalone design. The best thing about such air hockey table is that it does not require much space in your game room. If you have limited space and low budget for a game table then you should buy a tabletop air hockey table for kids to fit your home.

A full size or large air hockey table is comfortable for adults only. The kids often need a small to medium air hockey table to play in their own style. When you play air hockey game on small table, the kids can join you on that game and the everyone can play and have fun together. Here we provide the best kids air hockey tables Reviews.

Our Top 3 Picks: Best Air Hockey Table for Kids

kids air hockey tableair hockey table for kidstoddler air hockey table
Product NamePlaycraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey TableSport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey TableRally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table
Weight15 Pounds (Approx.)10.7 Pounds13.86 Pounds
Dimensions40 x 20 x 8 inches40 x 20 x 5 inches40 x 20 x 9 inches
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The air hockey tables for kids are lightweight, compact, well constructed and budget friendly. You can easily install it in your rec room, game room, kids room or any small corner of your house.

We are going to discuss the best kids air hockey tables reviews in detail. You should refer these reviews (below) to find your suitable air hockey game table for kids.

Best Kids Air Hockey Tables Reviews

#1. Playcraft Sport 40-Inch – (Best Air Hockey Tables for kids)

kids air hockey table

Key Features
  • 40 Inch Tabletop Air Hockey Game Table
  • Two Pucks and Two Strikers Included
  • UL Approved Air Powered Motor
  • Ideal for Younger Kids below 10 Years

Playcraft Sport is a compact air hockey table for younger kids. The design and color are pretty enough to attract the toddlers and younger kids. The dimensions of this table are 40-inch x 20-inch x 8-inch. With 40-inch length, this table is very convenient for children who want to play air hockey for fun.

This is not a pro like table for teenagers and adults. This table is made to meet the kids’ needs for playing air hockey game at home. The kids have tiny hands and they cannot reach to goal on large size tables, therefore Playcraft has made this tabletop air hockey table for kids to offer a comfortable game play.

This Playcraft air hockey table comes with a UL approved powerful air motor. This motor is capable to run the airflow at the speed of 100 cubic feet per minute. The airflow spreads from the holes given on table surface to make the air hockey games for kids smooth and friction-less.

The sturdy MDF hardwood frame makes this table fit easily on any tabletop. The package includes 1 air hockey table, 2 strikers and 2 pucks. This table has small legs so that the kids can also play air hockey on the floor. It also contains slide scorer on both sides for recording of goals made for each player.

Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Table has several pros and cons as mentioned below:

What we Loved
  • ABS Puck Catcher helps in Quick Puck Return
  • Complete Air Hockey Set with 2 Pucks and 2 Strikers
  • Made of Heavy Duty MDF Hardwood for Durable Use
  • Manual Slide Scorer System to Record Scores
  • Air Blower Motor Send Airflow at the Speed of 100 CFM
  • 40-Inch Tabletop Air Hockey Table Ideal for Younger Kids
What we didn't Like
  • Being Very Light, the Puck Often Flies Off the Table

#2. Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table

air hockey table for kids

Key Features
  • Realistic Arcade Style Air Hockey Game Play
  • Come with 2 Strikers and 2 Pucks
  • 40-Inch Compact Length and Portable Design
  • Manual Sliding Abacus Scorer System

Sport Squad HX40 is a tabletop air hockey table for kids and casual players. The prime motive of any gaming table is to provide so much fun to the users. If you are looking for a fun filled equipment for your kids then this one can be your best choice ever.

This air hockey table comes with two strikers and two pucks. It requires a little assembly of 5 minutes when you receive it. Once the assembly is complete, you can start playing air hockey with your kids, family and friends. It would be great if you put this table on top of your dining or dressing table.

The airflow on Sport Squad HX40 Table comes from an AC 120 volt motor. The electric fan is designed to provide a powerful and even airflow across the whole playing surface. Although the fan is powerful, it does not make any irritating noise that may disturb your air hockey game.

The manual abacus slider allows you to keep your score in it. You need to move the slider from 1 to 10 based on your goals happening in an air hockey match. It does not have electronic LED scorer but you won’t miss it much as overall performance of this table is really great.

Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table has some pros and cons as follows:

What we Loved
  • Simply Attach 2 Goal Boxes and It’s Read to Play
  • Electric Powered Continuous Airflow for A Smooth Game
  • Abacus Slider for Real Time Score Keeping by Players
  • Included Pushers are Perfect for Swift Shots
  • Air Blower Fan is Quiet and Not Disturbing the Players
  • Very Lightweight and Compact for Easy Mobility

What we didn't Like
  • Some Customers Complain about Loud Noise of Motor
  • Power Cord with AC Adapter is Too Short to Use

#3. Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table

toddler air hockey table

Key Features
  • Require 15 Minutes Assembly
  • Mini Series Tabletop Air Hockey Game
  • Dual Scoreboard Options for Players
  • Premium Fiber Wood Construction

Rally and Roar is a mini series tabletop air hockey table. It comes with 9-inch removable legs and goal boxes. You have to attach both the tools with this table before you begin your first air hockey game. You can assemble the table in less than 15 minutes and then start an exciting game with your kids.

Some air hockey tables come with manual scorer, while some provide electronic scorer system. The Rally and Roar has added both the scoring systems in this children’s air hockey table with all accessories. However, the electronic scorer requires 2 AAA batteries to track and show your game score on its LED screen.

This table includes two mini pucks, two mini pushers and one power adapter for electricity connection. The Rally and Roar has made this small air hockey table with a heavy duty dense fiber wood. In addition, the table legs are sturdy enough to maintain the stability during an intense air hockey game play.

It comes with a CUL certified AC 12 volt motor that provides consistent airflow. The optimal airflow encourages puck fluidity to keep the playing conditions smooth and sleek. Simple design, vibrant graphics and white laminated surface make it a perfect air hockey table for kids as well as adults.

Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table contains various pros and cons given as under:

What we Loved
  • Table Legs have Padded Bottom to Prevent Scratches
  • CUL Certified AC 12 Volt Motor for Dual Optimal Airflow
  • Modern Design, Vibrant Graphics and Laminated Surface
  • Optimal Airflow for Better Puck Gliding on Play Field
  • Suitable for Tabletop and Floor Play Air Hockey Games
  • Dual Scorers allow Manual and Automatic Score Tracking

What we didn't Like
  • Require Continuous Power Supply for Airflow
  • Some Customers Received It Broken or Missing Parts

#4. Hey! Play! Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table

tabletop air hockey table for kids

Key Features
  • Constructed of Wood and Plastic Material
  • Include 2-Inch Paddles and 1.5-Inch Pucks
  • Contain Sliding Score Keepers on Both Sides
  • Very Compact Table Designed for Toddlers

Hey! Play! Mini Arcade is a small size air hockey table for younger kids. It is made with dimensions of 22-inch length, 12-inch width and 4-inch height. You can call this a toddler air hockey table with tabletop design. It requires very small space on your table and provides air hockey game fun to your kids.

It has one sliding score keeper on each side which allows the players to track their scores. In addition, the panel of scorer helps in easy puck returning after each goal action. So you will never have to search for the puck after you or your opponent has hit the goal in an air hockey match.

The Hey! Play! has constructed this arcade game table with high quality wood and plastic. It is made lightweight to provide ease of transport and shifting from one room to another. This air hockey table for kids has a weight of less than 5 pounds, so even a kid can lift and carry this table.

For a change in mechanism, this table does not require electricity. It has a battery powered airflow. You need to insert 8 AA batteries inside to power up the motor for sending airflow on its surface. The even airflow makes the puck hover and glide easily on entire surface of the table.

Hey! Play! Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table has a few pros and cons as given below:

What we Loved
  • Portable and Battery Operated Air Hockey Table
  • 22-Inch Length Ideal for Toddlers and Younger Kids
  • Air Blower Motor for Hovering and Gliding of Puck
  • Premium Quality, Genuine Product from Hey! Play!
  • Equipped with Easy Puck Return Technology
  • Real Airflow Make Your Air Hockey Game Thrilling

What we didn't Like
  • Require 8 AA Batteries, Not Included in Package
  • Too Small Size for Teenagers and Adult Players

#5. Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table

children's air hockey table

Key Features
  • Wider Goals for Easy Puck Retrieval
  • L-Shaped Legs with Leg Levelers
  • Made and Engineered in the USA
  • Electronic Scoring Unit

Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table is a right size game table for everyone. The adults don’t find it too small and the younger kids don’t find it too large. So, this table is suitable for an enthusiastic air hockey game between a child and a parent or even a grandparent.

The Harvil company has made this table with heavy duty and high standard materials. In addition, this best kids air hockey table provides double scoring systems i.e. electronic and manual. The electronic scoring unit automatically tracks your goals and shows your score on its display.

The two orange pucks and two orange paddles are included with this table. The paddles are 15 mm bigger than pucks so that you can hit perfect shots and make maximum goals in your air hockey games at home. The faster fan speed makes your game play more thrilling and exciting than ever.

This is a space saving 4-foot air hockey table that fits most game rooms and rec rooms. It has adjustable leg levelers to balance table before you start an air hockey match. This table will maintain stability even during the highly intense games. The wider goals help for easy puck retrieval.

Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table comes with many pros and cons mentioned as follows:

What we Loved
  • Powerful Blower Motor with Faster Fan Speed
  • Upgraded Electronic Scorer for Accurate Points
  • Adjustable Leg Levelers to Prevent Wobbling
  • 4 Feet Air Hockey Table Perfect for Kids and Adults
  • Standalone Design, No Need of Other Table
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 90 Day Warranty

What we didn't Like
  • Scoring Unit Require 2 AAA Batteries, Not Included
  • Customers Claim 90 Day Warranty Period Not Enough

Best kids air hockey tables Comparison  Chart

Kids Air Hockey Table
Product Name
Table WeightTable Dimensions

Buy Now Link

kids air hockey tablePlaycraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Table15 Pounds (Approx.)40 x 20 x 8 inchesCheck Price
air hockey table for kidsSport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table10.7 Pounds40 x 20 x 5 inchesCheck Price
toddler air hockey tableRally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table13.86 Pounds40 x 20 x 9 inchesCheck Price
tabletop air hockey table for kidsHey! Play! Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table4.85 Pounds22 x 12 x 4 inchesCheck Price
children's air hockey tableHarvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table28 Pounds48 x 24 x 31 inchesCheck Price

Things to Check Before You Buy An Air Hockey Table for Kids

In order to buy a perfect air hockey table for kids, you need to understand what kids actually want. The kids are less concerned with the real air hockey rules and conditions. They just want to play air hockey game to have fun with their siblings and friends. Here we provide some key points that you should keep in mind while choosing a kids air hockey table for your family.

Air Hockey Table Style:

The style of air hockey table matters as it defines the way you are going to play. The kids air hockey table usually comes in two styles i.e. tabletop style or standalone style. The tabletop air hockey table fit on top of any dining or dressing table, while the standalone table stays as freestanding in your game room.

While using a tabletop air hockey table, you need to sit on two sides of dining table to play the game. On the other hand, you need to sit on floor to play on the standalone air hockey table for kids in the game room. If the table height is tall then you can play air hockey in standing position.

Design and Appearance:

The kids air hockey tables mostly have white surface with some bright designs. The outside rails and legs have either dark colors or attractive design to catch kids’ eyes. You should have a look on design of table before you finalize it for your kids.

Table Size:

When an air hockey table is designed for kids, it is often in a compact size. You should check the length of the table to know how long the playing surface is. The overall dimensions are equally important and you need to check them before you buy a children’s air hockey table for your home.

Power Source:

The power source is either AC or DC for operating the air hockey table. Most air hockey tables have AC power source, so you need to plug-in the power adapter into socket. It will power up the air blower to send consistent and even airflow across the play field of the table.

The airflow will continue to spread on its surface as long as the power supply is on. In case the air hockey table is battery operated, It does not required continuous plug-in to power socket. However, you need to insert the batteries inside the table to run the airflow on surface and play the air hockey game. If you want a portable air hockey table to play during picnic or camping then you should get a battery operated table.

Air Blower Fan or Motor:

The air blower fan is powered either by AC power supply (electricity) or by DC batteries. When the power is turned on, the fan or motor start running and sending the airflow through the holes on table surface. This airflow makes the air hockey game more thrilling and provides better puck gliding during the game play.

No. of Accessories:

An air hockey table includes all the accessories you need for playing the game. However, the number of accessories varies for different table brands and models. Some air hockey tables provide two strikers and two pucks, while some provide more number of pushers and pucks. You should check it carefully which accessories are included with your air hockey table.

Type of Scoring Board:

A manual slider scorer is easy to use, while the electronic LED scorer is more convenient. Some air hockey tables have manual abacus slider, some have electronic scorer, while a few offers both the manual and electronic scoring systems.

You need to update your score every time in manual scorer system. On the other hand, electronic scorer system tracks both players’ scores automatically and shows the same on its LED display. Both scoreboards work perfectly and provide good convenience to the air hockey players.

Leg Levelers:

The kids air hockey table has small legs made of dense wood or other sturdy material. The legs are hard enough to keep the table steady during the intense air hockey game. However, some air hockey tables have leg levelers which are very useful when your floor space is not even.

The leg levelers allow you to adjust the table height individually from each corner. As a result, you can balance the air hockey table to get a perfect even playing surface although the floor surface is not even. When playing field is even, you can play the air hockey game perfectly and efficiently.

Rubber Padding on Base:

You should check the build quality and material used in making of air hockey table and its legs. The legs should be sturdy and tightened well so that they can maintain stability while you are playing air hockey. The rubber padding at bottom of the legs play an important role. It keeps the legs stayed at one place and prevents scratches that may damage the floor surface.

How Do Air Hockey Tables Work?

The air hockey tables are easy to operate and play with for everyone. Most air hockey tables are powered by AC motor that runs the air blower fan to spread air across the playing surface from the tiny holes given on surface. So you need to keep it plugged in throughout the game period.

When the AC adapter is plugged in and power is on, the table will have even airflow on entire surface. This airflow allows easy gliding of puck to let the players perform efficiently and make more goals. With each goal, the electronic scorer adds 1 point to respective player’s score.

If the air hockey table has manual abacus slider then the player has to move the slider to update score. The laminated surface and steady airflow play an important role in quality of air hockey table. It also affects the players’ performance in the air hockey game play.


The air hockey table for kids mentioned above are packed with many exciting features. Each table contains something special for the kids who want to play air hockey game at home. You should consider your priority first and then select your desired plus best kids air hockey table for your game room. For further queries on an air hockey table for kids, you need to visit Official Amazon Website at Www.Amazon.Com.



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