Best ESPN Air Hockey Table : ESPN is a popular brand for air hockey table and other sports equipment. If you want to play air hockey at your home then ESPN air hockey table is definitely a good option. ESPN makes small to large and full size game tables for air hockey, table tennis, pool, billiards, foosball and many more games.

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In order to play the air hockey game at home, you should have the best ESPN air hockey table in your game room. The ESPN game tables are sturdy and more durable as well as ESPN adds beautiful graphics on its gaming tables.

Best ESPN Air Hockey Table List

ESPN Air Hockey Table ImagesESPN Air Hockey Table NameTable Weight
(In Pounds)
(In Inches)
Check Price
ESPN 6 Foot Multi Game Air Hockey TableESPN 6 Foot Multi Game Air Hockey Table115.7 Pounds72 x 37 x 32 inchesCheck Price
ESPN 7 Foot Air Hockey Game TableESPN 7 Foot Air Hockey Game Table141 Pounds84 x 48 x 32 inchesCheck Price
ESPN 8 Foot Air Hockey Table with Overhead ScorerESPN 8 Foot Air Hockey Table with Overhead Scorer236.72 Pounds96 x 48.5 x 32 inchesCheck Price
ESPN 5 Ft. Air Hockey Table with Overhead Electronic ScorerESPN 5 Foot Air Hockey Table with Overhead Electronic Scorer42 Pounds (Approx.)60 x 30 x 32 inchesCheck Price
ESPN 154001 ESPN Air Hockey Tabletop154001 ESPN Air Hockey Tabletop4.5 Pounds (Approx.)20.6 x 12.7 x 4.2 inchesCheck Price

ESPN Air Hockey Tables Reviews

In our list of best air hockey tables, we have considered ESPN as a top rated model. Here we will describe espn air hockey table reviews in detail. Each espn air hockey table (given below) is different from others and therefore you can actually choose your desired – espn air hockey table without any confusion.

ESPN 6 Foot Multi Game Air Hockey Table

 6 Foot Multi Game table

ESPN 6 Foot Multi Table

  • 2-in-1 Air Hockey and Ping Pong Table
  • Ideal for Two Player Handheld Hockey Game
  • 2 Pushers, 3 Pucks and All Table Tennis Accessories
  • 6 Foot Length for a Perfect Air Hockey Game

espn air hockey table review, ESPN – 6 Foot Air Hockey-Table is a multi game table with table tennis. You can change the table top to convert it from air hockey to ping pong and vice versa. It has 6 feet length which is enough to play a challenging air hockey game between kids, teenagers and adult players.

air powered hockey table espn, Air Power plays an important role in air hockey game. This multipurpose ESPN-air hockey-table contains a premium quality air blower fan. It provides even airflow across the playing surface which helps pucks for gliding fast and let you have smooth game playing experience.

In order to make your game more interesting, this ESPN table provides sound effects. Every time you hit a goal in air hockey match, the table will make a pleasing sound. It will motivate you to make more goals and give your best performance in each air hockey play.

The 6 feet height is suitable for a rec room, game room or any other small area in your house. It includes all the accessories required for playing ping pong as well as air hockey. The LED Scoring System shows your score (number of goals) on its display throughout the game period.

ESPN Sports 6 Foot Multi Game Air HockeyTable has several pros and cons as mentioned below:


  • LED Scoring System with Integrated Sound Effects
  • Slick and Smooth Playing Surface for Best Play
  • Flawless and Glossy Finish for Optimal Bounce
  • Easily Convert from Air Hockey to Table Tennis Table
  • Push Button Controls for Added Intensity
  • No Sticking or Bouncing Problem


  • Table Surface gets scratches after a few days of use
  • Battery Replacement Task is Not Simple or Easy

ESPN 7 Foot Air Hockey Game Table – (84 inch air hockey table)

7 Foot Air Hockey table

ESPN 7 Foot Air Hockey Game Table

  • Overhead LED Scoring System
  • 7 Foot Perfect Air Hockey Table
  • Include 4 Pushers and 4 Pucks
  • Integrated Timer and Sound Effects

espn 84 air hockey table, ESPN 7 Foot Arcade Game Table comes with bright colors and design on whole table. The playing surface looks attractive to grab everyone’s attention on the game. You can use this espn hockey table to play your favorite air hockey game with your family members and friends.

With 7 feet length, this table is ideal for get together parties, weekends, holidays, vacations and festival parties. The table requires continuous electricity supply for running its air blower fan and LED scoring system with integrated sound effects. You will enjoy the sound effects while playing the game.

The timer is an additional features in this ESPN – air hockey table. You can set the timer for playing time based match with your friends. The overhead scorer makes it easy to check your score at anytime during the air hockey game play. The score appears on both sides for players’ convenience.

It has six inch leg levelers which allow for height adjustment of the table. You can set the table height as suitable for you and your opponent player. The consistent and steady airflow plus high gloss finish make the playing field smooth enough for quick gliding of pucks over the surface.

ESPNSports 7 Foot Air-Hockey Game Table comes with many pros and cons mentioned as follows:


  • Full Panel Leg Supports for Added Stability
  • Built-in Storage for All Accessories
  • Oversize 6-Inch Leg Levelers for Adjustable Height
  • Reinforced Play Field Apron and Top Rail
  • High Gloss Finish on Playing Surface
  • Electronic Score System with Sound Effects


  • Table Suitable for Maximum 2 Persons at a time
  • Require Uninterrupted Power Supply

ESPN 8 Foot Air Hockey Table with Overhead Scorer

8 Foot Air Hockey Table

ESPN 8 Foot Air Hockey Table

  • Longest 8 Foot ESPN Air Hockey Table
  • Equipped with 120 Volt UL Certified Motor
  • 4 Pushers and 4 Pucks Included
  • Suitable for 2 Player and 4 Player Game

The ESPN -8 Foot Air Hockey Table is one of the longest espn game tables for a large game room. The 8 feet size makes it a full size ESPN game table for adults who want an arcade game experience at home. It is a professional ESPN-air hockey table with all the functions, quality and stability you need.

There are many ESPN game tables for 2 player game. But this table provides a platform for 4 player game. If you are looking for the best 4 player ESPN-air hockey table with all accessories then this air hockey table espn will be your perfect choice. It also includes 4 pucks and 4 pushers.

The ESPN has made this air-hockey table with scratch resistant material. So there is no risk of scratches even after you play air hockey for hours. The electronic overhead score keeper shows your score right in front of your eyes. You can also set timer for playing air hockey game on countdown timer.

The full panel leg supports make this ESPN table more stable and durable. It also has 6-inch oversized leg levelers to make the table surface balanced when the floor is uneven. The 120 volt motor sends a powerful airflow to keep the surface smooth and provide a fast paced game play.


  • Full Panel Legs for Added Stability and Longevity
  • Overhead Electronic Scorer and Table Cover Included
  • Arcade Sound Effects with Colorful Lights
  • 120 Volt Air Blower Motor for Even Airflow on Surface
  • Protection against any kind of Scratches and Dust Build-up
  • Coated Playing Surface for Easy Puck Sliding


  • Assembly is Typical, Irritating and Time Consuming
  • Scoreboard Arms have Sharp Corners, Be Careful

ESPN 5 Foot Air Hockey Table with Overhead Electronic Scorer

5 Ft. Air Hockey Table

ESPN 5 Foot Air Hockey Table

  • 2 Pucks and 2 Pushers Included
  • Overhead Electronic Scorer System
  • Lightweight Table: Approx. 42 Pounds
  • Full Leg Panel Supports

This is a budget friendly ESPN-air hockey table with appropriate length. The 5 feet length is not so small for adults and not so big for the kids. Therefore, this ESPN table is ideal air hockey table for kids, teenagers, youngsters and adults. Everyone can play the air hockey game on this table.

ESPN is known for making sturdy and heavy weighted game tables. However, this table is different than others as it is a lightweight ESPN-air hockey table. It weighs below 50 pounds, so you can easily move it from one room to another or dissemble it to bring it from one place to another.

It has powerful airflow from the UL certified motor and smooth surface. The surface allows high speed puck movement during the air hockey game. The overhead electronic LED scoring system shows your and your opponent’s score on its display. You can use the manual slide to keep another record of your score.

This ESPN-air hockey table is made of high quality, standard materials. It comes with sturdy leg construction and full panel leg supports to make it durable in use. At the bottom of each table leg, it has rubber protection to keep your room surface safe from scratches.

ESPN5 Foot Air Hockey Table with Overhead Electronic Scorer contains various pros and cons given as under:


  • Contain Both LED Scorer and Manual Slide Scorer
  • UL Certified Air Blower Motor for Stronger Airflow
  • Smoother Play Surface for Fast Puck Movement
  • Overhead Scorer for Quick View to Players
  • No Electricity required for Manual Abacus Slide Scorer
  • Sturdy Legs for Perfect Stability during Air Hockey Game


  • Length of 5 Feet Not Enough for Pro Players

154001 ESPN Air Hockey Table-top

154001 ESPN Air Hockey Table

154001 ESPN air hockey table

  • 20-Inch Length for a Small Size Table
  • Perfect Gaming Table for Small Kids
  • Include 2 Pucks and 2 Paddles
  • Simple Sliding Score Keeper

espn table top air hockey, ESPN Sports has made this small air hockey table with tabletop design. You have seen the medium to large sized game tables for elder kids, teenagers and adults. But this table is specially designed for younger kids who want to enjoy tiny air hockey games at home.

This ESPN Air Hockey Table can be placed on any tabletop of your home. The kids can sit on dining chairs and put this table on top of the dining table. This game table has only 20 inches length which will not take up much space on your table top, still provide full entertainment to your kids.

It is a simple air hockey table with 2 pucks and 2 paddles. and It does not require assembly, so you can start playing air hockey immediately after receiving it. It has manual abacus slider to help you keep your score in each air hockey game you play on this gaming table.

The younger kids want to play sports games during holidays, so this table will fulfill their wish. This ESPN table is completely safe for the kids to play air hockey game at anytime. You need to make sure that your kids are not below 3 years as it is not convenient for the toddlers.

ESPN 20 Inch Air Hockey Tabletop comes with many pros and cons mentioned as follows:


  • Specially Designed for Younger Kids
  • Manual Score Keeper without Electricity
  • Dual Pocket for Hockey Puck Retrieval
  • Smooth Grip Paddles for Intense Play


  • Too Small for Teenagers and Adults
  • No Info provided about Air Blower Motor


All the information given above about the 8 best ESPN air hockey table reviews is true and fair. Each ESPN table is great for playing air hockey game at home. You should check features of each table to know which one meets your needs the most. If you have further queries regarding any ESPN air hockey table then you should go to Official Amazon Website at Www.Amazon.Com