Best 4 Person Round Air Hockey Table, Air Hockey is a wonderful sports game to play in your home. But most air hockey tables offer a two player game. It means only two persons can play at a time and other friends or family members have to wait. On the other hand, the round air hockey table allows 4 persons to play at the same time. So the round air hockey table accommodates more players and reduces the waiting period.

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In order to play an air hockey game of 4 person, you should have four strikers to place on the table surface. The 4 person round air hockey table comes with 4 pucks and 4 strikers/pushers for all four players. The air hockey game becomes more interesting when 4 players participate simultaneously on one game table. If there are five persons in game room, the last one can be play the role of a referee.

The round air hockey tables come in larger sizes compared to square and other shaped tables. The reason is the shape of the table which makes the length and width same. We have seen all 4 player round air hockey tables in online stores to compare their dimensions, air power, playing surface and weight. At the end, we have found top 3 round air hockey tables which are best in quality and suitable for a 4 player’s game.

Best 4 Person Round Air Hockey Table

Image Round Air Hockey Table NameTable WeightTable Dimensions Price
MD Sports 4 Player Air Hockey Table with Poker Mat4-Person Player Hockey Tabletop Game Set146.8 Pounds55.5 x 55.5 x 32.5 inchesCheck Price
American Heritage Orbit Eliminator 4 Player Air Hockey GameAmerican Heritage Orbit Eliminator 4 Player Air Hockey Table130 Pounds55 x 55 x 31 inchesCheck Price

Round Air Hockey Tables Reviews

4 way air hockey table, Now we will explain detailed reviews of each table. Our reviews and comparison will work as a guide for you to get the best round air hockey table that meets all your needs. We are going to discuss key features and advantages plus limitations of all game tables. Here we provide top 3 best 4 player round air hockey tables reviews as follows:

4-Person Player Hockey Tabletop Game Set

MD Sports 4 Player Air Hockey Table with Poker Mat

4-Person Player Hockey Tabletop

  • Play Poker and Air Hockey on One Table
  • Equipped with High Powered Blower Fans
  • Built-in Electronic LED Score Keeper
  • Include 4 Pushers, 4 Goal Bock Bars and 1 Poker Mat

MD Sports has made this 4 player air hockey table in round design and large size. Though it is not a full size game table, but it is comfortable for both the kids as well as adults. If we talk about its overall size, the dimensions of this table are 55.5-inch x 55.5-inch x 32.5-inch.

This round 4 person air hockey table allows four persons to play air hockey together. If you have a large family and more sports game lovers in your house then this table is a perfect choice for you. It not only offers an air hockey game for 4 players, but also gives a smooth surface for a perfect game play.

This multi game round table provides poker and air hockey games on one table. You can play air hockey or convert it to poker table anytime to feel some change. The best part is that it allows 8 persons to play poker on this table, so it is a great idea to play poker when there are more persons in your game room.

When you play air hockey for longer period, you need not to remember the score. The MD Sports has provided an electronic LED score keeper to save your and all other players’ score. Whenever you want to know anyone’s game score, you just need to have a look on the display of the scoreboard.

MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table comes with various pros and cons as mentioned below:


  • Non Slippery Bottom for Added Stability
  • Accommodate 4 Players for Air Hockey Game
  • Suitable for 8 Players on Poker Table Mode
  • 120 Volt Blower Motor for Consistent Airflow
  • Padded Faux Leather Top Rail
  • Full Leg Panels and a Wide Base


  • Customers claim it requires more maintenance
  • Slow Puck due to dead spots around the table

American Heritage Orbit Eliminator 4 Player Air Hockey Table

American Heritage Orbit Eliminator 4 Player Air Hockey Game

American Heritage Orbit Eliminator

  • Adjustable Leg Levelers
  • Powered by 120 VAC, 60 Hz Air Blower Motor
  • Electronic Lighted Scoring System
  • 2 Goal Blockers, 4 Pucks and 4 Goalies Included

4 player air hockey game, Orbit Eliminator is a large 55-inch air hockey table with a powerful air blower. This table is made from heavy duty MDF and laminates materials. Such high quality construction provides guarantee of long lasting use for a 2 player game or a 4 player air hockey game in the rec room.

This 4 person air hockey table has a bit less large size compared to our first round table. In its dimensions, we can see that it has 55-inch x 55-inch x 31-inch. This round table will easily get into your game room or rec room. However, you should have enough space for this 4 person round air hockey table to play the game.

The American Heritage Billiards has constructed this 4 player air hockey table with latest technology. You can use this unit as a 4 player round air hockey table or as a 2 player air hockey table. You need to use the 2 goal blockers, included with it, to use this table for a two player air hockey game.

The airflow is powered by a 120 volt motor blower. It sends the airflow at the speed of 2.5 cubic feet per minute to make the playing surface perfect for the play. The electronic lighted scoring system allows you to check the goals scores at anytime by just looking at the scorer display.

Orbit Eliminator 4-Player Air Hockey Game Table contains several pros and cons given as under:


  • Goal Blockers allow for Two Player Game
  • Designed for 4 Person Battle to the Finish
  • Powerful Blower send air at 2.55 cubic feet per minute
  • Adjustable Leg Levelers allow Quick Height Settings
  • Heavy Duty MDF Construction and Laminates
  • 55-Inch Round Table: Perfect for Everyone


  • Requires Assembly on Arrival, Not in Ready to Use Condition
  • Quite Expensive Table, Not Affordable for Everyone

Everything you need to know about Round Air Hockey Tables

You should have proper information about a round air hockey table before you buy it. Only then you can choose the right product for your home. When we talk about air hockey table, you need to consider several things at the time of buying it.

No Corners:

Round Air Hockey Tables are a bit different than square shaped tables. The persons who play air hockey on a regular basis, can feel the real difference in the game play. The main reason is the shape of the table itself. When you play air hockey on square table, it has corners, while the round table have no corners.

If you have played on square table only then you need to understand this. The round table does not have any corners which makes the air hockey game more interesting. However, first few rounds can be challenging for you if you are playing for the first time on a round air hockey table.


Round Tables take up more floor space than other shaped tables. So you should check the dimensions of your game room where you want to install the round air hockey table for your kids. There should be enough space available in your rec room or game room or any other place of your house. Only then you will be able to install and play air hockey with your family members on weekend holidays.


When it comes to lightweight or space saving, round tables have nothing to do with that. Almost all round air hockey tables are beyond 100 pounds weight. None of them offer a folding design for saving spaces or anything like that. You need to install this table on one spot and use it there for years.

Air Blower:

The air blower is situated below the playing surface of round table. The airflow passes through the holes on table surface and spreads across whole play field. Some large round tables come with dual air blowers for a more power airflow and better puck gliding during the 4 player air hockey game.

Goal Blockers and Player Modes:

Round Air Hockey Tables provide a platform for 4 persons game play. But it does not mean you will always have 4 persons for playing air hockey in your game room. In such circumstances, you can use the goal blockers which are also known as goal inserts.

Most round tables include all accessories including 2 goal blockers. The goal blockers are the tools that you can put into the goals where players don’t exist. So it allows to play air hockey with 3 players or 2 players with 1 or 2 goals are blocked for convenience.

Score Keeper:

The round tables have LED scoring system to track your goals and show on its display. Some air hockey tables come with light up indicators for goals. Every time you score a goal, the indicator of opposite player will light up. The same way, your side indicator will light up when you receive a goal from opponent.

There are maximum 3 goal indicators which provides 3 goals limit for each player in air hockey. When you receive 3 goals from your opponent(s), you are out of the game. Thereafter, the remaining 3 or 2 players will continue playing the air hockey game on the round table.

Pucks and Strikers/Pushers:

Accessories are very useful for each air hockey table. The round table comes with 4 strikers, 4 pucks and 2 goal blockers. These accessories are enough to start your 4 player air hockey game on round table and enjoy at your maximum enthusiasm.

Safe for Kids:

Round Tables don’t have corners inside as well as outside. The lacking of corners on outside makes it very safe for the little children and younger kids. There are no chances of any get injured by hitting a corner of your air hockey table as it doesn’t have any corners. So round tables are completely safe for the kids.


All the information given above about 2 best round air hockey table reviews is true and fair. You need to check your needs of features in a game table, only then you can choose the right product. For more queries on the 4 person round air hockey table, it is advised to visit Official Amazon Website at Www.Amazon.Com