Air Hockey Tips and Tricks to Win the Game

Air Hockey Tips and Tricks

Air Hockey Tips and Tricks to Win the Game:

Air Hockey is an interesting arcade game to play at home. Both the kids and adults love to play air hockey in free time. You should learn some tips and tricks to perform well and win the air hockey game. The air hockey tips and tricks are useful and different from the Air Hockey Rules for playing the game.

The air hockey rules are important to play the game righteously. However, the rules only can not lead you to the victory of the game. You should make strategies and apply some tricks to perform well and win the air hockey game. Our air hockey tips and tricks will help you to make your way to win the battle.

Air Hockey Tips and Tricks

You need to have an active and alert mind while playing air hockey game. Your complete focus should be on the game table and your eye on each movement of your opponent. When you are conscious about your opponent’s shot, you can do better defense each shot s/he sends towards you. With an alert mind, you can play better shots and make maximum goals to win the game.

Tip No. 1 – Hold the Air Hockey Mallet Like A Pro

The beginners often have problem in holding the mallet. It often happens that you miss a great shot because you have not hold the mallet properly and perfectly. You may wonder what is the rocket science behind holding the mallet? Well, let me explain why and how it affects your performance in the air hockey game you are going to play.

You should not hold the air hockey mallet with all five fingers and palm. This kind of grip will engage your entire hand and you will have to use your entire arm to hit a shot. When you use the whole arm, you can’t move the mallet as quickly as you need to while playing or defending a shot.

You should use only a few fingers to hold the mallet like a pro and move it quickly for playing a shot. Make sure the grip is neither too tight nor too loose, just a normal firm grip to play the best air hockey shot throughout the game.

Tip No. 2 – The Secret of Puck Possession in Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a game of playing trick shots to hit your opponent’s mind and not the goal. The secret of hitting a trick shot is puck possession. When a puck comes inside the centerline, you may want to hit it back from that spot, this is not the way to play every time. It works sometimes, but not all the time.

Now, what is the right way to play? You need to hit the puck from side a little and move it slightly to the your desired spot (inside the centerline, of course). Thereafter, hit the shot to make a goal as the puck is in your possession and in your desired position on the game table.

Ultimately, I want to advise you to pay attention on catching the puck more than hitting it back to your opponent directly from the spot you have got it.

Tip No. 3 – Play A Perfect Offense and Make More Goals

Some of you may wonder what is a perfect offense? Because you may have not heard about it. When the air hockey game begins, you need to focus on both the offense and defense. You should play some trick shots so that your opponent miss the puck catching and you can score more goals.

When you are aware of your each air hockey shot, you can take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes. For example: your opponent could not defend the last puck from right angle, so you can play a trick shot immediately to take its advantage and get one more goal in your scoreboard.

Tip No. 4 – Defense Is All That You Have

As an air hockey player, you know what is defense and how you need to defend the puck. But here I am going to discuss about your position while playing air hockey game. Some players just lean over the air hockey table to the half during the game play. However, it is not at all the correct position to play.

You should stand normally on your side of the table, keep the left leg back and right leg in forward position. Just hold the mallet with a few fingers. Keep the mallet at its prescribed position for the first shot and then keep in inside the centerline to defend your opponent’s attacking shots.

Tip No. 5 – Rebound Is Also Important

You should hit each air hockey stroke carefully. If you make a mistake while hitting a shot, your opponent will hit it back and you will receive a rebound shot. You need to be aware of while hitting a shot and also after hitting a shot. If you are alert after hitting a shot then you can be ready for the rebound.

It is important to get ready yourself for a rebound, but you can also prevent it in advance. For that, you need to play each shot perfectly. You need to see how your opponent is playing and where his/her mallet moves slowly. You should hit the shot at that spot of the table to make a goal and eliminate any possible rebound.

Final Tip – Practice Your Tricks Before The Game

You need to make a strategy for playing air hockey, but that is not enough. You should also learn trick shots to play to make definite goals in next air hockey game. How can you hit perfect trick shots? The only answer is “Practice.”

You will have to practice your favorite trick shots at several times to get accuracy in it. Once you are able to hit the trick shot perfectly, your chances to make goal are more and you can win the air hockey game even against a skilled player.

In this way, you can learn the tips and tricks for playing air hockey and win it on your own skills and techniques.


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